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Dollu Kunitha move, is a noteworthy type of workmanship, involves the pride of place among people moves. Dollu Kunitha is a prevalent drum move of Karnataka joined by singing. It gives both awesome assortment and unpredictability of aptitudes during the time spent exhibit.Execution—this move frame is basically performed by the men of the shepherd network known as the Kuruba people group. The Dollu Kunitha is described by lively rhythms, brisk developments and synchronized gathering arrangements. Another move type of Karnataka is the Puja Kunitha. In this move shape the artists convey a wooden structure having a god on their heads.


Cultural Coordinator John Milton

John Milton is a main craftsman in Tamilnadu.He is likewise considered as the master of up and coming craftsman. His works catch extraordinary workmanship .He is additionally testing in his field and has made unmistakable way to deal with his works.He is a man to look upto later on in the rundown of most noteworthy craftsmen ever.

Team Captain

Kumaragowda Captain is a budding talent in this field and has been the ultimate in the field and is a famous artist . He has showcased his talents in stages worldwide. .His programs are always a visual treat.A true pioneer of Dollu kunitha .

It is a long established fact that

renowned for being both "engaging and in addition otherworldly" is an Indian society move known as Dollu Kunitha. This "Drum move" is said to have started from the southern province of Karnataka. Obviously, this move frame is performed to pay tribute to Lord Beeralingeswara, a symbol of Lord Shiva

It is a long established fact that

What's more, this move shape is basically performed by means of a gathering, and includes quick body developments. Besides, this move shape is performed by for the most part a network in the province of Karnataka known as "Kuruba Gowdas"


AOur dollu kunitha performances are depicted in this video .


Another of our famous dollu kunitha performances which drove crowd crazy